Otterly Wonderful with Heffy Doodle

Thursday, July 1, 2021

So a couple of things.

ONE: I hit 1000 subscribers on YouTube and I'm just blown away. I am excited for this next step and building my community on YouTube. I'm also starting to upload some of my favorite stop-motion reels from my Instagram as Shorts.

TWO: I'm VERY close to hitting 1500 followers on Instagram but my seagull card literally flew off the charts. In less than 24 hours it became my most liked card. CRAZY.

Okay, back to this adorable pop-up card. I'm using Heffy Doodle stamps again and created this ocean scene with these adorable sea otters. I think my favorite part of the card was how I used my white Pops of Color to create the sea break and it just really elevates the card, don't you think?

This is probably the last of my ocean card kick that I've been on some time... I wonder where I'll go next?


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