Inside the Cafe & Sweet Shoppe Cards with Lawn Fawn

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Abigail and I worked on some scene cards this weekend! We used the latest Craft Roulette challenge parameters to make our card: 5x7 landscape, green + 2 colors, shopping and paper strips.

For my card, I used purple and green and the paper strips are used for the flooring inside the cafe and book shop. The couple bought some coffee and are sitting inside enjoying the pretty green, teal and purple colors inside the cafe.

Abigail wanted her scene to be a sweet shoppe (we like to say it like, "shop-pay" to be silly)! So while she did sort of follow my layout, she made it her own by using green, teal and red with lots of sweets all over the shoppe.

She did a great job coloring her puppy - she liked the puppy from Lawn Fawn and colored it to look like an Australian Shepherd. 

They were big scenes/cards to make, but they turned out so cute and look more like decoration than a card! Plus, it finally gave me a chance to use some VERY old Lawn Fawn patterned paper that I cannot even reference in the supply list because it's retired many releases ago.

Did you participate in the challenge, too? 



  1. These cards are so cute and I'm so impressed by Abi! I absolutely love that you two create together! Thanks so much for participating in this Lawn Fawnatics Challenge!

  2. Truly amazing card! I love how you created such detailed scenes, they are wonderful! Thank you so much for playing the Lawn Fawnatics Challenge!