New from Simon Hurley - Lunar Pastes!

Friday, June 9, 2023

The next best thing from Simon Hurley + Ranger Ink is here... ☀️ SOLAR PASTE! I was gifted these six new (and stunning) colors: Cross My Heart, Overheated, Golden Hour, Crocodile Tears, Beluga and Royal Flush. I started with swatching all of the colors on different mediums and you can see what they look like in my video today. See what these colors look like not only on black cardstock, but on white and white with dye inks. It's so fun to see what these colors look like on different backgrounds!

At the end of my video, I made two super simple cards because I really just wanted my rainbow of colors to be the stars of the card and get all the attention they deserve. I made half inch strips of each color and adhered them to a mini slimline background. I hope you'll check out my video below so you can get a taste of each color, and then head over to your favorite shop that has Simon Hurley products to get yours!



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