Escape into a Mermaid World with Whimsy Stamps

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Was it just me or did you ever wish you were a mermaid? I remember trying to swim with my legs together and pretending I had a mermaid tail. Such a magical dream to escape into their world! I can only imagine that mermaids would dream about being on land (I mean, there's a whole Disney cartoon movie about it) and I think my slimline card captures that dream perfectly.

I just love how Whimsy Stamps creates slimline paper packs to help anyone create a magical scene so easily... All you have to do is pick the right stamps to go with the paper and you've got a vibrant card without a whole lot of effort!

Since Whimsy Stamps helped make it so easy, I focused on sharing how I color my mermaids in today's video. I think I still have quite a lot of room to grow with coloring, but I like my style and I thought maybe someone else could use the encouragement to color what feels fun to them!

So watch the video and escape into a CRAFTY world.



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