Heart Bursting Anniversary Card with Kindred Stamps

Friday, May 28, 2021

Sometimes I'm nice and I make cards for friends.

My friend needed a card for his wifey for their anniversary and I had a really neat idea that ended up not working at all.

I wanted to use the Lawn Swish 'N Pop dies because how cool would it be to have this space creature swoop out from the ceiling and attack our awesome female astronaut?! Well, I didn't have enough room and I already was happy with my layout so I had to change my game plan.

I decided to make a double slider instead. And honestly, it works and I love it. You can hear all about my troubles and see my card come together in the video below.

In my video I ask what your favorite 80's sci-fi movie is (if you're into them like me) and I'd love to hear what yours is here, too!

Until next time, it's GAME OVER, MAN.



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