Let's Go Nuts! Flap Card with Heffy Doodle Squirrels

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Guess who was back in the craft room with me this past weekend? ABI!

We had planned to make a video, so we got everything ready - die cut, stamped and colored. But then we didn't want to stop to clean up and get the camera going, so we just finished putting our card together instead. 😊

We used the latest Craft Roulette parameters (Episode #79) to create our cards for our very first submission. Here were four we had to incorporate into card:

1. Project: FUNN flap card - We used the new Heffy Doodle Tree-mendous Peekaboo Tree Dies with one of the flaps in the tree.
2. Colors: Your 3 favorite colors - I chose rose gold, teal and mint and Abi chose "red-orange," blue and mint.
3. Element: Under the tree - We made sure to add some cute squirrels from the Heffy Doodle Nuts About You stamp set along with leaves and acorns.
4. Random: Crinkle inkle - This is a fun technique where you crumple up paper (we used some plastic packaging), pick up ink from an ink pad and then stamp that crinkled paper with ink onto your paper. We added ink to our tree top before stenciling on leaves from the Heffy Doodle Falling Leaves Stencil.

It was a lot of fun creating these cards and I think it's going to be a new weekly thing for us! Did you make a card with these parameters? Let me know in the comments!


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