Halloween on the Last Day: Pop-Up Mummy with Penguin Palace

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Hi Friends! Maybe I should be changing my Halloween videos to the first rather than the last day of the month... February was just a super busy month for me. Going back into the office, softball starting, Girl Scout cookies, and on and on... But I'm getting adjusted and am working on setting up my ideas for March. I'm still aiming for weekly posts: 2 YouTube videos, 1 Instagram tutorial/video and 1 blog post (no video).

Today is a video sharing some Halloween inspiration! I wanted to use this cutie mummy from the Penguin Palace Mysterious Egypt set. As I finished this card, I really wanted to make it clear that I don't associate Egyptian culture with Halloween, I just think of a mummy raising and coming out of the tomb can be used to make a cute Halloween card. Hopefully everyone is okay with my card and I don't offend anyone...

It's also an interactive card using the Penguin Palace Twist-N-Pop Surprise dies and I created two small scenes to place in the center with the cute polaroid die cuts. I hope you enjoy the video down below and know that you can easily adapt this card for any time of the year. There are some really cute sentiments in the stamp set that can make it a really great motivational card or for someone embarking on a new journey.



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  1. Lauren, I LOVE this! I am totally into Egyptian imagery and history, so this set and card is right up my alley. It's adorable.