Super Star Birthday Cards with Lawn Fawn

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Happy Mother's Day to all my craft momma's today! Thinking of those who may not be able to celebrate with their momma and those who may have a difficult relationship (or none at all). LOVE YOU ALL.

Today I have my next batch of birthday cards using Lawn Fawn products. I am a part of the Lawn Fawn Addict's Birthday group and I wanted to make batches of cards to send out to my fellow Lawn Fawn addicts as well as some family or friends. I am also building up my stash of cards and have birthday cards listed in my Facebook Shop! My goal each month is to use some paper that's been lingering in my stash and I use Call Me Crafty Al's Sheetload of Cards to inspire my layout.

This month I used retired paper that had softer colors and constellations. So I grabbed my Lawn Fawn Super Star stamp set and created a cute scene on my cards of a mouse using their telescope. The star they spot sends them a tiny message, too! You can check out my video below for my process and details on how to get your own copy of the card layout.



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