Christmas in July with Ink Road Stamps

Saturday, July 23, 2022

I *barely* made it this last week for Craft Roulette! I arrived back home Monday and it took me a couple days to get adjusted to normal life (crying inside) with unpacking, laundry, work, on and on and on... I realized Thursday that I hadn't made my card yet!

So that evening, I made this funky Christmas card. The background didn't exactly turn out as I planned, but I think it still looks pretty cute. I started with using Ken Oliver Color Bursts in Olive Green, but it had some blue and red vibes in the color that just didn't spread how I wanted it to. So then I added in Cadmium Scarlet with Lime Green and I finally got the color vibe I wanted, but it just looks a bit pink.

I didn't want to mix the colors too much because I didn't want a muddy brown. I embossed with gold different ornaments from the Ink Road Stamps Christmas 2022 set.

For the house I used Ink Road Stamps Home Sweet Home Icons stamp set and colored it in using the same Color Bursts, including Lemon Yellow and Burnt Umber. I added Gold Starbursts from DPP to add in some final bling.

The card is a book binding card (as per Craft Roulette requirements) and I used my Tiny Attacher to add some mini staples on the book binding fold.

While my card didn't turn out exactly how I was picturing it, I think it's really cute and I met all the Craft Roulette requirements: book binding card; three colors (red, yellow and green + neutrals); house(s); and include a mini scene. Do you think I met the requirements?


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