Naughty Card! BDE Eggplant with Heffy Doodle

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

I have a naughty card to share with you today... 😉 When I bought the adorable Veggie Patch stamp set, I knew that I was going to eventually make an eggplant card. I mean, how could you not! It's a simple card, just took a lot of coloring with purple markers. I have an Instagram Swipetorial to show each of my steps and you can find it embedded down below.

Do you like to make naughty cards? I usually use brands like Ink Road Stamps for my snarky and naughty cards, but it was fun to take a cutesy and punny stamp set in an inappropriate way. I hope you can have a good laugh and find this card funny like me!


You beat me to adding the embeded post! Find it here on Instagram.


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