Stamping with Bleach for a Home Town Inspired Card with Lawn Fawn

Friday, February 24, 2023

Have you ever stamped with bleach before? This was my first time and I will say, I think I'm too much of a Nervous Nelly to be stamping with bleach in my carpeted craft room. I was able to get some results, but I definitely could have stepped it up. But, I tried a new to me technique and it turned out not too bad!

I am hopping along with some fellow crafters today and we're either stamping with water or bleach for the technique and our theme is "Inspired By..." I picked bleach because a lot of other crafters were doing water and I thought I'd step a little bit outside of my comfort zone. This project is also inspired by my home town and I used Lawn Fawn products to be able to submit for the latest Lawnfawnatics Challenge!

In my video below, you will see how I stamped my water and sky with bleach, assembly of my card and my overall comments on how I feel about stamping with bleach. It's safe to say I probably won't do it again, but I definitely feel more confident in it. Maybe I'll attempt it again the future!

Make sure to watch the video on YouTube, then click on the hashtag #cardhoppinfeb2023 to see all of the crafter who are participating in today's hop! I'm excited to see the other daring crafters who used bleach and get some tips and tricks to maybe do it with more pizzaz next time.



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