Christmas Magic Chipmunks with The Sassy Club

Sunday, October 30, 2022

I'm pretty proud of myself for getting my Craft Roulette project done on the weekend! The parameters required some stretchy pants thinking because the card had to include a "tic tac toe" which made me struggle a bit. So I went with a large square card (5.5x5.5") and die cut small rectangles to create the grid.

The colors this week were violet, red + 2 so I went with blue and green to create a fun winter card with Xmas Magic from The Sassy Club. I just love these two little chipmunks and knew it would be cute to include - especially since one of the scarves has fringe on the end and that was a parameter, too!

The final parameter was leaves and the same stamp set had solid holly berries and leaves so I stamped those out (which is why I needed green). The paper I used for the grid is also from The Sassy Club and went well with the colors I chose for coloring.

It's definitely a large card and will probably be more decoration than sending it in the mail as my daughter is big fan of these two chipmunks and will probably swipe it to put in her room. While this card is definitely something out of my comfort zone, I love how the colors came together and these cute little critters!


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