Speeding By to Say Happy Birthday with Kindred Stamps

Sunday, September 24, 2023

I hate when I have an idea for a card and it just doesn't turn out exactly how you imagined. Now, I like this card a lot. But I'm not thrilled about my sentiment reveal when you pull on the slider tab... It's fine, but definitely let me know in the comments if you have any ideas to step up my reveal. It's totally great as is, but I think it just feels a little anti-climactic. But, we're going with it and I think the card still looks great!

In my video today, I'm sharing how I made my background, colored my Kindred Stamps Vroom image and assembled my card including using the Kindred Stamps Pull and Slide Die Set! I hope it gives you some tips on coloring this fandom character as well as assembling a pull tab slider card. Let me know if there are any other interactive dies I can show how to assemble or maybe any fandom sets you would like to see colored in the future!



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