Believe in Me with Heffy Doodle

Thursday, September 1, 2022

I want to believe! I finally got my project for the last Craft Roulette done... I have been cranking out Heffy Doodle projects for the new release and I almost didn't get a project done to meet the deadline. Since Heffy Doodle is the Spin Sponsor for September, I wanted to make sure to use Heffy Doodle projects to be shown in the project submittal recap.

I used some Paper Glaze with a stencil for my background and then used the requirements from Craft Roulette for the rest of my card. This week, it was (1) a card with pattern paper; (2) winter colors; (3) element of pretend; and (4) paper strips. I used patterned paper strips for my card along with pretending an alien landed on the moon! I used cool colors as they remind me of winter - green, blue and purple - including neutrals.

Do you think I met the requirements this week? You can see how this card came together in a video on Instagram down below, or you can find it on TikTok, too!



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