Bears with Feelings from Kindred Stamps

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Have you seen the new Emotional Paper Pack from Kindred Stamps? It works perfect with the Bears with Feelings Stamp Set! I just bought both of these recently and wanted to attempt to do some masking and mirror stamping as I wanted the sitting bear to be on both sides of the card, but a mirrored image. For masking, I wanted one bear to have a bit of a frown since he's a bit cranky.

In my video below, you can see how I did my mirror stamping and using a fine line pen to add in the frown and trace the mirrored bear as the ink was a bit light. I added the bears to a mini slimline card base with a piece of rainbow paper and stamped the inside sentiment. (Watch the video to see!) When I finished recording, I knew the card needed more than just the bears on the cover so I added a sentiment strip to the front of the car as well as some enamel dots.

Were you a fan of these bears in the 80s? It was bit before my time, but I think they're so sweet. I kind of want to figure out a way to turn them into gummy bears which is a fandom that I definitely loved as a kid!



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